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About - Jewelry Forever
Jewelry Forever
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Our Team of Professionals

Our team collectively represents over 100 years in the fine jewelry business, covering all aspects of the jewelry supply chain…From Mine to Market. launched in 2008 as a unique interactive shopping experience. Additionally, since 2003 we are also affiliated with over 200 retail locations, as well as several exclusive boutiques.  From a click or a brick, we continue to offer consumers (and you) access to the rarest, most beautiful gemstones and bespoke fine quality jewelry, because of our global position and trusted reputation throughout the gemstone and jewelry pipeline. 


Read our story that begins billions of years ago in the earth and let the story continue with you…


-       Forever Trusted Leaders Worldwide

-       Forever Rough Sourcing & Supply

-       Forever Selection & Design

-       Forever Master Diamond Cutters

-       Forever State-of-the-Art Technology

-       Forever Faceting & Polishing

-       Forever Grading Expertise

-       Forever Hand Setting


-       Forever Design Centers

-       Forever Craftsmanship

-       Forever Jewelry Collections & Brands

-       Forever Interactive Shopping Choices

-       Forever 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

-       Forever For You...and Your Story



 Forever Diamonds & Gemstones  

Global Sourcing, Best Selection & Sustainable Supply

Diamonds and rare gemstones are born over billions of years and then wrestled from the earth at mines in the most remote locations of the world.  For example: a ton of earth must be moved to locate just one carat of natural diamond.  Our work begins with these beautiful miracles of nature that are the rarest of the rare.  JewelryForever is known worldwide has having an envious supply of the world’s most coveted gemstones …including Diamonds selected from all of the world’s major mines. As you read about our long-term affiliations above, it is not surprising why we can enjoy the status of a valued sightholder of the world’s largest diamond supplier. Best Practice Principles are adhered and all of our products and manufacturing operate from sustainable factories and facilities that offer only conflict-free diamonds manufactured within sought-after and safe working conditions. We are also a respected and positioned as a significant gemstone buyer on the open market.  With an office at the world’s diamond center (Antwerp, Belgium), as well as offices in Hong Kong and India, we are supported with a  financial strength that provides us with the best rough parcels of gemstones…. which allow us to bring you the most beautiful of rare gemstones that can be offered at a great value.


Forever Faceting & Gemstone Polishing

Master Diamond Cutters with State-of-the-Art Technology

Our master diamond cutters with generations of expertise handed down from their fathers and grandfathers expertly plan and then facet and polish diamonds.  Even more impressive than our generations of diamond cutters is our commitment to support our atrisans with state-of-the-art technology supplied for more than 38 years. More than 70% of the world’s rough diamonds are sorted polished or passed through Surat, India on their way to global jewelry market. More importantly, our long-term affiliation remains the largest Indian exporter of polished diamonds. 

So, JewelryForever Diamonds and Gemstones are the result of expert rough selection with custom plans that maximize the value of each rare rough stone and are then cut and polished by master diamond cutters who are supported with the most advanced technologies. You can be confident that each and every JewelryForever Diamond and Gemstones represents a piece of forever from the earth, that is planned and polished to be part of your beautiful story…to remain for your joy and forever in the family or future of your choosing.


Forever Diamond Grading & Hand Setting 

Many of our JewelryForever Diamonds and Gemstones are manufactured in factories in India.  Then, our beautiful rarities travel to a Central Headquarters in Mumbai for expert Diamond Grading and custom sorting. The precious gemstones are then hand-set by select craftsmen and each and every diamond/gemstones monitored by quality-control specialists.  The journey of our Diamonds & Gemstones then continues to one of our three designated bespoke jewelry manufacturing facilities. Read on…to learn how the journey continues from the mine to the market … your ownership of forever beautiful diamond and gemstone jewelry. 


Forever Jewelry Design

We offer timeless, classic jewelry designs with contemporary styling.  With designers and product development specialists in the US, Bangkok, Hong Kong & India, we are well positioned to monitor trends and ensure our members and guests are offered the latest jewelry fashions.  Whether you love gold, silver, diamonds or color gemstones, rings, earrings, pendants or necklaces, you will find hundreds of unique items, as well as beautiful jewelry suites and sets to build your perfect jewelry wardrobe.


 Forever Craftsmanship

Our jewelry collections are created under the guidance or direction of designers by teams of master craftsmen, many of whom acquired their skill and artistry over generations. Operating with prestigious jewelry manufacturing facilities, only offers jewelry that is worthy of our officers’ long-standing and prestigious reputation throughout the jewelry and diamond industry. It is our sustainable offers and promotions of JewelryForever Collections that reinforce our officers’ reputation for providing timeless designs of bespoke quality crafted jewelry with diamonds and gemstones at accessible prices.


 Forever Certificates of Authenticity

Each and every purchased jewelry item from JewelryForever is accompanied with a printed Certificate of Authenticity.  A photograph of the jewelry item is also imprinted on the certificate for safe keeping and your peace of mind.


Forever Available Popular Brands

We not only have noteworthy expertise to create bespoke quality jewelry at the best prices, we also have financial strength and a trusted reputation that allows us to offer you select boutique collections from well-respected brands. We invite you to visit our site often to view our branded boutique selections that are limited editions or are only available for a limited time. 

Forever Expertise

For Smart Shopping

JewelryForever offers a dynamic choice for online shopping with an amazing interactive experience that allows you to easily shop…the way you choose.  You can shop by lowest price, jewelry category, gemstone, most popular styles or by best deals. 


You can also get expert advice with our Jewelry Forever experts  or learn more about jewelry design, gemstones and precious metals by visiting our comprehensive education section. Click here to LEARN about jewelry and gemstones



Forever Low Prices

Best Deals & Big Savings

Save 60% -80% off of traditional brick and mortar retail value and view our best deals every day! 


Forever Hassle-Free Returns & Refunds

We are confident that you will love your purchase,  but if for any reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is supported with  this an easy, hassle-free quick & easy process. Our Hassle-Free & No-Questions-Asked Return Policy is part of our Satisfaction Guarantee. We believe when you shop and purchase jewelry at, you will love your selection Forever. We also offer you a 60-day money back guarantee that gives you time to make sure your purchase is perfect. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will be happy to provide you with a full refund or exchange ….and you do not even need to tell us why you changed your mind.

Click Here to learn how to return a product.


Forever Free Shipping!

Regardless of the purchase price or the total amount of your jewelry purchase, never charges for standard ground shipping.  Once your order is processed and packaged it is ready for delivery per the following schedule:

Click here to know our shipping schedule.


Forever 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with each and every purchase!   We offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee that is supported with Hassle-Free return procedures.   If you are not 100% satisfied, you can easily return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

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